Discover the Savings through the Iowa Educators Consortium

All AEA staff members, K-12 educators (including teachers, administrators and other school personnel) and Iowa students are able to receive personal discounts on a multitude of items through partnerships with the Iowa Educators Consortium (IEC). Before you pay full retail price for the latest gizmos and gadgets, be sure to check out the personal discounts in the Teacher & Student Buys section of the IEC website! Currently there are discounts on such items as computer software, cell phone plans, digital cameras and camcorders, and OfficeMax and Staples merchandise.

The IEC is an independent, tax-exempt, nonprofit institution supporting the mission of Iowa’s Area Education Agencies. The primary function of the IEC is to provide a voluntary purchasing program for K-12 schools by bringing all AEA statewide school purchasing programs under one legal umbrella and one fiscal management group. Advisory committees work with vendors, manufacturers, product reviews and product literature to determine the best product/cost value for schools. IEC purchases allow schools to take advantage of aggressive pricing based on the purchasing volume of many Iowa schools. Since 2005, the IEC has saved Iowa K-12 schools and AEAs over $45 million!

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