Northwest Iowa Boys Transition Smoothly to New Family

Reprinted from page 5 of “Early ACCESS: Governor’s Report January 2013,” highlighting the story of two boys and their family who received services from Northwest AEA’s Early ACCESS team, including Sara Klingensmith, early childhood special education teacher/consultant, and Julie Tucker, early childhood special education school social worker.

Early ACCESS Services Impacts Iowa Children – Stories of Success

Chad* started receiving Early ACCESS services from Northwest AEA when he and his brother were put in foster care

Chad* started receiving Early ACCESS services from Northwest AEA when he and his brother were put in foster care.

Hi! My name is Chad*. I’m two-years-old and I have a smile that can melt anyone’s heart. Along with my charisma, I have the same desire that every child has in life…to be in a safe and loving home and to be able to be “me” with all of my typical developmental expectations…even those that can be challenging at times.

I became involved with Early ACCESS in January 2011, when my older brother and I were placed into a foster home. Although my biological mother loved us, she was making some choices that kept us from being safe when we were with her.

The Early ACCESS providers met with our biological mom on our visits with her and would meet with our foster parents, too. They worked with the adults in my life to help me with my social/emotional needs. I was really going through a lot of transitions, and it was hard on me.

Now I would like to share the wonderful part of my story. My brother and I were adopted into a loving home. We have a wonderful Mom and Dad that love us so much and tell us this daily. We have a home that is filled with adventure and fun.

Even though I went through some difficult times, I’m thankful for all of the many people in my life that took steps to make sure I had the opportunity to be safe and know that I am loved. I’m even going to preschool now and have so many friends there. I can’t wait to go. After school I go home to my new Mom and Dad. We talk and play together, eat supper together, and they tuck me into bed and read a story to me. The last thing we say every night is “Good night. I love you.” I am happy!

Well…thanks for listening to my story and thanks for caring about kids.

*Names have been changed

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