Aedyn’s Story

Microsoft PowerPointScreenSnapz005Our son, Aedyn, receives services through the Southeast Polk School District. He receives physical therapy, occupational therapy (including feeding assistance), assistance with communication and assistance with cognitive delays from staff members who work at Heartland AEA.

Aedyn was diagnosed prenatally with a rare chromosome imbalance called Emanuel Syndrome. This diagnosis carries with it global developmental delays and a large variety of medical issues. Aedyn is currently 22 months old. We are fortunate to be able to get services for Aedyn at a very early age due to his diagnosis, and we know that this has helped him make significant progress. We know that life will always be very challenging for Aedyn, but we are provided comfort by the wonderful resources that he has through Heartland AEA and are thrilled to be able to see the progress he makes in each area, allowing him a chance to reach his full potential. The therapists and teachers who have worked with Aedyn are dedicated to his care and progress. We have been so blessed by each of them and the resources that are provided to help meet the many challenges a child with significant disabilities encounters. As parents of a child with disabilities, our journey is made a little bit more manageable because of the skill, competence and support of his Heartland AEA team. We can’t imagine this journey without them.

Jason, Cindy and Aedyn Pommrehn
Pleasant Hill, IA

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