Alex’s Story

Microsoft PowerPointScreenSnapz001Our son, Alex, is in third grade at Walnut Hills Elementary School. At the present time, he receives Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy services from staff members who work for Heartland AEA.

Alex has worked with AEA his entire life. His services began around 8 months old when he wasn’t reaching normal developmental milestones. The AEA Early Access therapists worked with Alex at our home each week, helping him develop his gross and fine motor skills and his cognitive abilities. As he became a toddler, they added on speech therapy and sign language skills to him with communicating and get him prepared for school.

When Alex entered preschool, his AEA therapists worked with him at school and continue to do so today. They work as a team with his teachers on a regular basis to help him with his everyday tasks, motor skills and school work. This customized school experience has been priceless for our son. Alex has struggled both physically and cognitively his entire life with no formal medical diagnosis as to why. Without AEA’s early intervention, and belief in his abilities to learn and develop at his own pace, we don’t believe he would be as far along now as he is. Furthermore, the AEA services provided to him are something he would not necessarily be entitled to outside of school without a specific medical diagnosis. They have been an integral and necessary part of Alex’s development and school experience and he continues to improve each and every year.

AEA provides irreplaceable services to children like our son who have an unconventional way of learning. They provide the extraordinary help these kids need to reach their potential and to have a fair and productive public school experience and beyond.

Todd, Lori and Alex Noah
Urbandale, IA

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