Mom of Twin Boys Thanks AEA for Making a Difference in Her Children’s Lives

Carol Peterson, Early Childhood Special Education Consultant

Carol Peterson, Heartland AEA Early Childhood Special Education Consultant

This message was sent to Kerri Steele, Regional Director at Heartland AEA, from a parent thanking the AEA and specifically Carol Peterson, Early Childhood Special Education Consultant, for the difference she has made in her sons’ lives. 

I received your contact information from our AEA consultant, Carol Peterson. I had requested your information from Carol because my fiancé and I both feel that Carol deserves great praise for being an amazing consultant, and we wanted to share our positive experience with you.

I had initiated AEA’s services for my twin boys, Jayden and Jaysen, because we noticed they needed extra attention before they were to start Pre-school in August. Carol came to our home in Earlham to evaluate the boys, and was soon coming once a week to work individually with each of them.

Each time Carol came to our home to work with our boys, she provided my fiancé and I with great tips, resources, and strategies to help our children along the way. Everything that Carol showed us was easy to understand and easy to incorporate in to our routine. Many of the things she showed us as well have made our boys excited to learn, and they were soon improving each week with Carol’s guidance and help.

Throughout this entire time working with and getting to know Carol, it has been an experience we will never forget and we are eternally grateful for. My boys would not have progressed or gotten to where they are today if it were not for Carol and all of her help and patience. Carol is such a friendly woman who made the boys feel as if they were her own. It is clear she takes her job seriously and does her best for the children she is working with.

AEA is such a great organization and we cannot thank you all, and Carol, enough for the difference you have made in our lives and our children’s lives. I am looking forward to their first day of school in August, and to see how they progress with their specialized education plans that Carol finalized for them. I am more confident than ever that they will be successful in the years to come.

Thank you so much for everything. Thank you for making a difference in not only our lives, but every other families’ lives that AEA helps.

Take care,

Stephanie A. Holtane

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