Checking in on Ava

avaAbout a year ago, we featured a story on Ava Myers who has a rare chromosome disorder known as Chromosome 22 duplication as well as a mitochondrial disorder. The story outlined some of the ways that Ava’s team, including her family, school, medical and AEA staff, worked together to help Ava communicate, move, grow and learn. (You can read the full story here.)

Ava update
A recent visit with a psychologist to test her cognitive abilities was enlightening, but not surprising to those who know and work with Ava. While Ava will celebrate her 5th birthday in October, she is demonstrating some cognitive skills of a 9-year-old. With the help of some new devices, Ava is also able to communicate how she’s feeling which helps her family and caregivers diagnose any medical issues. The team has now expanded to include the gifted and talented teacher from Humboldt Community School District. Together, they are working to identify the services and create a plan to designed challenge Ava’s learning needs.

We’ll continue to share Ava’s journey and are incredibly proud to celebrate one example of the amazing partnerships that makes a difference for all of the Ava’s in Iowa.

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