Northwest AEA/Bryant school success: Reading assistance made the difference for this family

Reprinted with permission by the family. The photo was also submitted by the family. This letter was sent to Molly Twohig, regional facilitator at Northwest AEA.

Halbur Family

Dear Mrs. Twohig,

I have been meaning to write you regarding my interactions with the AEA team and Bryant Elementary. I am very grateful for the help I have received with my two sons. My 5 children have attended Holy Cross School for 11 years. In October of 2010, we enrolled our son, John, at Bryant School. He was in 1st grade.

We knew that he needed extra support in reading and, man, did he get it! The title I reading program and his classroom teachers, Mrs. Oakley and Mrs. O’Connor, changed his life.

Our older son, Joe, has struggled with a reading and spelling disability his whole life. He had never qualified for AEA support in the past, despite my repeated requests and deep concerns.

Last year, Kari Rhea made her assessment and found that he was having a very difficult time in these areas. She and Amy Konda worked out a system so that he could receive extra support in these areas after Holy Cross let out. He was “tutored” once a day for the remainder of the school year. His success was unbelievable. The kindness, professionalism,and deep concern that we experienced from the entire Bryant and Holy Cross faculty, administration and staff, and AEA will never be forgotten.

Johanna Halbur

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