Lakeview Elementary Closes the Gap for Students in Special Education

Featured on – Centerville’s Lakeview Elementary has seen tremendous success in closing the Literacy achievement gap for all students, but especially those in special education. “Wdsc_0062hen I think about where we were six years ago when we were first reviewing data in the SINA process and where we are now, I attribute that to support from the AEA and our staff’s willingness to redesign instruction,” says Principal Terri Schofield.

A suggestion from the AEA to include special education students into general classroom instruction and a change in grade-level team structure set the foundation for achievement. “With C4K and MTSS, we began to develop our tiers. Special education students have 90 minutes of reading instruction, Title 1 intervention (students recognized as scoring below FAST benchmark), and specially designed instruction,” she explains, “Teachers have changed teaching to meet the needs of the way kids learn!”

Incorporating a number of strategies and programs, with help from Great Prairie AEA, including LETRS, Boost, Blast, & Blitz, curriculum alignment to the Iowa Core and data walls, the commitment of the staff and district is the real testament of success. A quick glance at FAST CBM-R data measuring a year’s progress from Fall 2014-15 to Fall 2015-16 shows an eight percent increase for Special Education students.

CBMR_cross-year-PercentageAtBenchmarkLevel(1) (1)

A third grader, who receives intervention and charts her progress along with the teacher has seen success with her decoding survey. “In the beginning of the year she scored 22, today she scored 43!” explains Shari Witt, Title I teacher. “To me, this is huge for her!” Using a number of interventions teachers are seeing tremendous gains for students with IEPs. The expectation for third graders in the Fall is 91 words per minute. “One student started at 31 and today 56, another 65 today 96.” There is no doubt that Principal Schofield and her staff at Lakeview Elementary are on the right track and helping all students to succeed. “It is a great team effort here. Every teacher strong and every child in!”

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