Helping Zeke shine

Meet Zeke, a seven-year-old student at Gilmore City-Bradgate who lives in Gilmore City with mom, dad, sister and brother. Zeke started receiving Early ACCESS services through Prairie Lakes AEA as an infant to treat him for a movement disorder. He received occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech-language and early childhood special education services at home, until age 3 when Zeke transitioned to the preschool at Gilmore City where he continues to receive AEA services.

Becoming more independent and being able to communicate his wants and needs are two goals that the district, his family and AEA staff are working toward. Adapted equipment, including a gait trainer and power chair helps Zeke with his mobility. He also spends time building up his strength by crawling and using special supported chairs to assist with his sitting skills. Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), both low-tech, with pictures, and high tech, with an iPad and a communication app help Zeke communicate his desires.

Zeke is a very happy child that is always on the move. He is a joy to work with  ~ his personality is so fun!


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